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Several years ago, my husband at the time and I were driving and he turned to me and told me his truth. He felt in his heart he was a woman and wanted to begin making the transition. Together we have navigated every challenge, every new experience and every hurdle society has thrown at us. As an engineer, one of the first things that became apparent to us was that it was extremely difficult to find elegant, office attire appropriate for her. After trying everything, I decided to do something about it. 

I wanted her to feel confident and pretty as her true self and give her the courage to seize any opportunity that came her way. My wife has moxie and I wanted to give her the wardrobe to go with it! Thus, Ava Scott Designs was born. 

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Ava Scott

Thank you ServingGlamour.com for the fantastic dress... Exactly what I ordered and exactly what I wanted. It even came in a beautiful box with a beautiful protective bag! Thank you so much... Now time to shop for my next order!


We all know the difficulty of finding clothes that fit our bodies.  A size 14 is not always a size 14. Often times a dress fits perfectly around our hips but our shoulders are a different story.  I am always excited when I see a new company or designer making clothes for our bodies.  Not only does this give us another option, but it’s encouraging to see others supporting girls like us.


What can I say, I AM THRILLED AND SO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE THE DRESS! Yes, all capital letters! Thank you so much!!!!! I am so over the moon right now!  It is definitely one of my favorite dresses.  The wrap dress fits wonderfully and wears quite nicely. The dress is Beautiful.


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